Strategy CEO's office

Job description

  • Understand and play a critical role in shaping the company’s strategy and mission
  • Develop business solutions through data analysis and synthesis across the key areas of sales growth, customer retention, operational transformation and org. strategy and implement the suggested solutions
  • Monitor analytics and business metrics to assess the company’s operational performance
  • Develop plans to achieve identified strategic goals through forecasts and analytical tools
  • Align processes, resources-planning and department goals with overall strategy
  • Provide support and insight into significant organizational changes (e.g. shift in strategic focus, mergers and acquisitions)
  • Align key stakeholders in making and implementing significant strategic decisions
  • Research competition to identify threats and opportunities
  • Monitor and analyze industry trends and market changes

Job requirements

•MBA from IIMs/ISB/other Tier 1 Business Schools
•Prior experience in Corporate M&A, Private Equity, Investment Banking and Consulting preferred
•Strong Analytical Skills
•Excellent communication skills
•Strong excel modeling and presentation development skills
•Ability to work in ambiguity and without much supervision