Retail Allocator

Job description


● Perform weekly store replenishments of eyeglasses, accessories, contact lenses & solutions

● Ensure the right balance of product within their respective material, collection, category

● Create planograms for new stores & maintain existing store planograms for any merchandise

display changes

● Develop allocation parameters that take into account store capacity, demand, seasonality and

product life styles.

● Perform various store level analysis to anticipate the needs of business. This includes creating

weekly sales and inventory reports to identify top stores and SKUs, underperforming stores and

SKUs and then taking appropriate action and making recommendations when needed.

● Monitor “Buy Plans” to ensure that shipments are being distributed in a timely manner.

● Facilitate stock transfers & product recalls

Additional Responsibilities

● Other duties as assigned

● Coordinate sample management with Singapore

Job requirements


● Proven work experience as a retail allocator >1 years

● Advanced knowledge in Excel

● Strong Analytical skills

● Strong problem solving skills

● Able to work in fast paced environment

● Strong sense of accountability