Product & User Research Lead

Job description

Lenskart is India’s largest eyewear brand. Apart from India, the brand also has operations in South East Asia, Middle East and US now.

Being a D2C (Direct to Consumer) brand, the company is engaged in designing and manufacturing of all kinds of eyewear and optical products.

Key Responsibilities

Lenskart introduces over 2,000 new designs in eyewear every year. The brand wants to innovate and design eyewear for different consumer groups and user needs, which inhibit them from enjoying the best vision and style experience in eyewear, for example:

  1. Discovering how we can make the most comfortable eyewear for kids

  2. What are the vision challenges people face with night driving

  3. How are people engaging with ‘Face-Fashion’ through different styles of eyewear

  4. What are the challenges that eyewear should solve for kids and adults who love playing sports

Set up and lead the eyewear and vision solutions product and user research

  • Conduct user research to inspire eyewear product design, evaluate solutions and to measure its impact.

  • Place ‘people’ at the centre of the design process and products.

  • The product and user research should guide the innovation and design process

  • Researching and testing the different proto-types and guiding final product development

  • Introducing different ways to understand the need, as well as, test product efficacy

Job requirements


  • 3 - 5 years of experience in Product based user research.

  • B.des or M.des in product design/ industrial design/ accessory design / design research.


  • Gurgaon