Product Manager (Growth)- Aqualens

Job description

Aqualens is leading D2C brand in contact lens category. We are building the next generation platform to discover, experience and purchase contact lenses.

The person will be managing the Aqualens products and primarily be responsible for ensuring that the product is aligned with the short term tactical and long term strategic goals of the company.

The following crisply defines our philosophy of Product Management and describes our "Ideal Product


1. Your product strategy and vision are most effective when they are substantiated with real user interactions and data analytics

2. A list of 10 items for the next release with a clear sense of priority will go a long way to ensure that the release is both effective and on-time

3. While working closely with Engineering, Content developers and other product managers it is crucial to identify dependencies early on for a smooth release

4. You know from the bottom of your heart that a PRD that speaks out the user’s needs and wants is the best way to ensure internal buy-in and super high productivity levels

5. A simple annotated wireframe is much better than a 5 page PRD

6. A PRD that is more than 5 pages will not be read

7. A feature no matter how great it sounds, is a true success only when it can be measured

8. Not all your features will be a runaway success and will need constant fine-tuning on an iterative basis

9. In spirit, you are the CEO of your product

Job requirements

Person’s Specifications:

1. Passionate about building products in the internet and mobile space, demonstrated either through your last job or outside of work as a hobby or part time activity

2. Strong sense of usability and information architecture

3. Exceptionally motivated about making a measurable impact on the end user

4. Experience in building products in the consumer internet or mobile space.

Competencies: -

5. Entrepreneurial thinking mindset: Self‐motivated and self-directed with an ability to think innovatively.

6. People Management: Ability to lead, manage & develop large teams in a fast paced environment

7. Passion for Results: High degree of commitment with bias for execution excellence

8. Customer Focus: Ability to design processes, systems & create an environment for enabling customer delight.

9. Superior analytical, evaluative, and problem-‐solving abilities