Lead ORM

Job description

As an online reputation manager you will be responsible for managing Lenskart’s brand reputation/ image on social media/ web portals. We are looking for candidates with experience in Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing or Social Media Customer Support, Content Writing who can understand the pulse of the brand and draft strategy to boost the company’s online image.

Roles & Responsibilities:

· Be Creative in approach while engaging on social media

· Overseeing the social media strategy

· Establish policies and procedures, systems and standards that will avoid any negative impacts on the organization

· Pull, filter, scrub, and review platform specific data to glean insights, learning and provide optimization recommendations

· Practice social listening to increase engagement and positive communication within the community

· Experience in Team Handling & should be multi-tasking

· Understand the nuances and possibilities of each platform to provide content recommendations Identify conversational and cultural trends that can be leveraged within content when relevant Strong written skills in order to respond with proper messaging, voice, and tone

· Identify critical social media posts as well as patterns emerging from posts

· Creating regular ORM reports to be reviewed by seniors and for necessary action points

Job requirements

· 4-7 years of experience in Social Media Content Writing

· Good command over English

· Experience in ORM (Online Response/Reputation Management) will be ideal

· Understand social media platforms and the ability to grasp its key elements

· Bachelor's / Master's in Communication