Head of Marketing, Singapore

Job description

About the company

Lenskart is Asia’s largest eyewear company serving 40 Million people - helping them see better and lead better quality lives. We have more than 1500 omnichannel stores across 175 cities in India, Singapore and Dubai. Our aim is to serve One Billion eyes by 2025 globally. And in this journey, we want to go beyond vision correction to transform the way people see and experience the world. That’s our new purpose - and we can only get there through cutting-edge technology and exceptional people.

Our international businesses are young and hustling, growing at warp speed to cater to larger shares of their respective markets. At present, we have a distribution presence of more than 40 retail stores across Singapore and UAE, and active expansion plans across Asia and the Middle east regions.

About the Marketing team

As an Omnichannel retail company, our success heavily relies on our ability to effectively describe and market our products to potential customers by crafting compelling communication that helps us drive sales and grow our brand. The key responsibilities of team members include understanding our customers to create content and communication that will resonate with them, while also focusing on the features and benefits of our products that set them apart from competitors. Our content is designed to ensure we communicate how our products can solve problems or improve the lives of our customers.

Some key skills for success of the team include :

  • Creativity: Developing innovative ideas and campaigns that capture the attention of the target audience. This involves thinking outside the box and coming up with unique solutions to problems

  • Strategic thinking: Thinking strategically and developing long-term plans to achieve the company's marketing goals while also being able to adjust strategies quickly based on changes in the market or customer behavior

  • Data-driven: Strong data and analytical approach to thinking to arrive at decisions and measure the success of campaigns. This involves analyzing customer behavior, market trends, and other metrics to understand what works and what doesn't

  • Communication skills: Have strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with other departments, vendors, and customers and clearly articulate ideas and goals and build relationships with stakeholders.

  • Flexibility: Be flexible and adaptable to changes in the market, technology, and customer behavior and pivot quickly and adjust strategies to take advantage of new opportunities or address challenges

  • Passion for the brand: Have a deep understanding and passion for the company's brand and mission. Communicate the brand's values and personality through campaigns and create an emotional connection with customers

  • Continuous learning: Continuously learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and marketing strategies.

This role will be based in Singapore reporting to the Country Head/SVP for Singapore

Job requirements

In this role you will be responsible for

  • Craft and deliver on marketing strategy for Lenskart Singapore including and not limited to digital , social , brand and communications

  • The end goal being driving revenue online and offline

  • Manage, coach and develop a small sized marketing team

  • Partner closely with cross functional teams to help achieve company goals

  • Prepare and manage monthly, quarterly and annual budgets for the Marketing

  • Set, monitor and report on team goals, achievements and performance

  • Design branding, positioning and pricing strategies

  • Ensure our brand message is strong and consistent across all channels and marketing efforts (like events, email campaigns, web pages and promotional material)

  • Analyze consumer behaviour and determine customer personas

  • Identify opportunities to reach new market segments and expand market share

  • Monitor competition (acquisitions, pricing changes and new products and features)

  • Coordinate sales and marketing efforts to boost brand awareness

  • Participate in the quarterly and annual planning of company objectives

Who we are looking for

Minimum Qualifications

  • 8 - 10 years of experience in leading a marketing function in the FMCG/Retail/ecommerce and other relevant industries

  • Extensive experience in holistic digital marketing with having done creative work which has delivered impact on the revenue side

  • In depth Singapore/ South east Asia market experience

  • Worked previously in ambiguous and fast paced environments