Digital Content Creator

Job description


As a content writer / blogger you shall be a part of the blog team responsible for creating weekly content for the digital magazine

  1. Coordinate content creation, layout, photograph selection and publishing of newsletters
  2. Work with Product/Catalog/Brand teams and other stakeholders to identify content strategy, develop content for wireframes and write simple yet engaging copy for online and interactive applications
  3. Create and manage digital content and video upload schedules for the magazine across the site
  4. Edit and proofread content
  5. Send out a weekly newsletter
  6. Keep up-to-date with best practices in writing for the web, social media trends, web usability, web design, and business/industry trends
  7. Develop & document procedures to manage Web content
  8. Contribute and manage the creation of high-quality articles, write-ups and features as and when needed.

Job requirements


  1. Working with e-commerce, online stores, apps and cloud based infrastructure is critical. 
  2. Familiarity with online reporting like Google Analytics is desirable. 
  3. Must have been part of a similar high-pressure, real-time environment. 
  4. Managing external partners and working with senior management, business stakeholders is important.

Key Competencies :

  1. Graduate or post graduate in English Hons, Mass Communication, Journalism or Arts.
  2. 3 - 8 years’ experience in creating content for websites/magazines/blogs (any URLs provided will be beneficial).
  3. Excellent command over English.
  4. Ability to write engaging online content.
  5. Creative and Passionate.
  6. Avid Reader & Online Researcher